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Founded in 1957
Reg. Charity No.1095564

The Devizes Budo Club was first formed in 1957  primarily as a Judo Club. Aikido practise was started in about 1958 with instruction from Shihan Kenshiro Abbe during his regular visits to teach Judo.

Much effort was given to running the Club in its early years by Sensei Graham Burt  who later went on to form the first Aikido Clubs in Newfoundland. These Clubs are still alive today under the direction of Bill McDonald a direct student of Graham Burt.

In 1959 the Budo Club held  one of the very first Aikido courses ever in the UK with instruction from Sensei Ken Williams assisted by Sensei Henry Ellis.  Both direct students of Kenshiro Abbe.

The Club held frequent Aikido courses in its early years with such historic Aikido names as Masamichi Noro and  Mutsuharu Nakazono.

In more modern times we have had courses with Ken Cottier, Hiroaki Kobayashi, Midori Kajihara and many enjoyable courses from Sensei Bill Harris from the Kai Shin Kai, the organisation to which we are affiliated to.

History of the Budo Club Kenshiro Abbe Graham Burt Ken Cottier Kenshiro Abbe
1915-1985 Graham Burt
1936-1979 Devizes Budo Book

The complete history of the Devizes Budo Club from 1957 to 2007 is available in paperback  priced at £6.95 from, from Devizes Books or directly from the Budo Club at discount prices.

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The 144 page Book contains the complete history and many 100’s of unique photographs. All proceeds go towards the upkeep of the Devizes Budo Club.

The Devizes Budo Club - The First Fifty Years

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